If you're anything like me, actually, if you are me, you probably end up going to about 50% of the things that you're planning to attend. And those great mates of yours that are supposed to be going with you? They're even less reliable.

An email round to everyone you know trying to flog the spares will almost certainly end up in two weeks worth of well-meaning-but-miffly admin about why people would-love-to-turn-up-but-actually-can't-go: Something about baby-sitters, a major operation, lack of interest, that sort of thing. 

The solution? Ticketmiffle! We post spare tickets here on the site for FREE. You order them for FREE with your name and address so we know who you are (no need to put your credit card details in, but don't let us stop you) and we can talk about reimbursement at a later date.

You will get a confirmation of your order and we will know that you are definitely coming. Everyone will have a great time!


Ticketmiffle withholds the right to cancel your FREE order at any time, for whatever reason. In reality, the only thing that would make us do this is because we have no idea who you are and don't really want to hang out with you.

Anyone ordering a Ticketmiffle ticket and then failing to show up (without good reason or LOADS of advance warning) will get a ban from the site (for a bit) and a really sniffy email from our admin. You have been warned!

Other these smallish issues we good.