Get Ready for the Next Episode

The second episode of Wolfmania the Podcast is here, and it's the best one yet (well, you'd hope it would be, right?) This week Andrew and Tim open up the Encyclopedia of Everything at the letter 'A'. Well, where else do you start?

Topically (sort of topically) the team discuss getting excited, ill and bankrupt in America: terror on the subway, horror at the ball game, and the little-known Mr Robot tourist market.

Andrew explains why his burgeoning career as an astronaut failed to launch, and finds out who fellow-space-station-dweller Tim Peake's favourite grime artist is, while our Tim tries to prove that he is more yoga master than Jagermeister guy by working out with his favourite internet celebrity.

Plus! Fun! Games! Arty bits! And music courtesy of the Wolfpack of One 'classic' The Fifteen Greatest Things I Found In The Woods (it's sort of relevant to the bit about America - you'll see).


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