\m/ Heavy Metal \m/

Like all the best concept albums and toilet paper, Episode H of Wolfmania the Podcast is tough, strong and very, very long.

In this career-high instant classic, Andrew pays tribute to the headbanging heroes of heavy metal, raising a horned goblet to Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and legendary Loughborough video diarist Chris Needham. Meanwhile, Tim gets a very metal eye test and loses his mind listening to some seriously Satanic sounds.

But that's not all (oh, you're going to wish that was all). We learn the senses-shattering origin stories of some of the greatest super heroes the world has never known: Bell Man and Mr Sand, Hover Boy, mild-mannered Miles Mannling and the sinister Podcaster. Andrew reveals why Holland Hates him. Tim gives an Australian hardware warehouse the business. We find out how much funerals cost. There's a lot of chat about swimming. And a feature on 'how nice Andrew's hair is' completely dies on its arse.

Dare you miss this one? No. No you dare not.

ps. stick around to the end of the episode for your chance to win a great prize (that Tim is paying for)