Quiz Night!

Q: Where is the best place to find massive LAFFS, monstrous new music, charming chat (both kinds: serious and silly) AND at least 40 minutes of hot nineties guys playing board games?

A: The new ‘Quiz Night’ Episode of Wolfmania The Podcast, of course.   

 In this week’s very special, ever-so-slightly-harrowing, 100 minute monster jam Andrew and Tim pay a surprisingly heartfelt tribute to the great Harry Dean Stanton and Grant Hart (and then ruin it with a still-heartfelt-but-possibly-poor taste musical homage). We help to discover the NHS’ hottest new lie-down comedian, go slamdancing with the Quincy punks, and test our knowledge (and patience) as we play a politically-charged game of Mike Read’s Pop Quiz.

Plus: Jesus Jones doing yoga! Florence and the Machine’s choreographer! Judas Priest in an MRI machine! Font news! Instagram stickers! Totally Killing the Community Clinic! Kim Wilde! Morrissey knows about Phil Collins! Relax! ChIPS! Mayhem! Escape Goats! Mariachi El Du! Heavy weather! More!

Warning: This week’s episode has some swearing left in it. Because it’s cool when Harry Dean Stanton does it.