Remember, remember the 14th of November with a slightly belated, slow burning, bonfire episode of Wolfmania the Podcast: Season Two: Sickbed Cinema.

With a big box of fireworx and minimal duds your favourite well-stuffed Guys Wolfman and Timpsy fan the flames of filmic debate with their hot takes on the classic 1973 scorched-copper caper The Wicker Man and the diabolical (I want to say) 2006 version where Nicholas Cage steals a bike, puts on a bear suit, punches out a load of women and then gets murdered by bees.

But that's not all! The boys introduce their ambitious new proper-cooking, sitcom Buns of Anarchy. Plus! The Sorceror's Apprentice! Last Week's Punchlines Today! Proper Football Men! The Hale and Pace Movie! Social shoutouts! Celebrity Pedalpast (Aqua Edition)! Corby Trouser-Press! And special musical guest STAGZ!

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