Holy Lords a'leaping! my utterly unbelieveable rock band WEST MIDLANDS have brand new music for you. And it's free! Happy Christmas!

You can find our horns-aloft Health Goth anthem 'Shit Business at the L.A. Fitness' hiding behind door 10 of the (ever-excellent) Joyzine Advent Calendar. Download it now and mosh the fudge out of your way to work.

Shit Business at the L.A. Fitness is the first song to be taken from West Midlands' 2019 album: 'The Complete History of Popular Music: 1984 - 2038' which is pretty much the only record you're going to need for the next decade or two. I am not even slightly joking.

Run! Do not Walk! over to Joyzine today, get your West Midlands and pick up some of their other free hits. Wild Billy Childish! Salad! M.J. Hibbett! More! Thanks Joyzine: Doing it for the love since 2003.

Here's the link:…/the-joyzine-advent-calen…/

See you in the charts!