What follows bad news? Bad sport and worse weather.

New from Wolfmania and This West Midland Life, K-Town is a podcast that delves into the just-about-beating heart and troubled mind of a middling carpet town a bit South of Birmingham and forty miles east of Wales.

This week's treasure hunt uncovers some thick soup, a surprising amount of Captain Beefheart and a little bit of Mark Clemmit. Plus! pooh sticks on the radio! Live Mini Golf! Everybody learns a lesson!


New from Wolfmania and This West Midland Life, K-Town is a podcast that delves into the just-about-beating heart and troubled mind of a middling carpet town a bit South of Birmingham and forty miles east of Wales. Daring, thoughtful storytelling holds hands with vikings, minigolf and cake. Welcome to K-Town. Chapter One: Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

It Takes One

When Wolfmania is struck by the sidekick strike, Andrew is faced with a dilemma. Strike out solo, or create a CGI Tim out of newspaper, string and a bit of bad back. You know, like they do in the Star Wars films.

This week's fun-filled fifty minutes features BIG CHAT (TM) about jobs, and the most jaw-dropping sentence ever spoken on the radio (or anywhere else) plus, we are joined in studio by internet fashion vlog sensations (yes, that's a thing) The Jersey Boys to learn about 'the 5 jumpers that we should be wearing, literally right now'. OMG! And that's not all! We sneak into an Elbow recording session and hear a new song! J'Accusi! The wedding of the year! Wolfmania Live! Pool Crashers! Mosquito and Big Lips! Street Magic! What are you waiting for? Get downloading...

Iron Men

When Andrew dismisses the band Iron Maiden as military history bores, special guest Eddie Metal demands his right to reply, unveiling his special 'metal map.' But is Eddie really who he claims to be - the biggest heavy metal fan in all of Hampshire - or a prankster from a rival podcast? Find out here!

And that's not all! Following a recent bout of insubordination - the Wolfmania crew go on a team building exercise; finding that, while there is no 'I' in team, there is one in Tim.


Things get HOT! HOT! HOT! in the easier-to-edit / not-quite-ready-for-bed-yet LATE NIGHT version of Wolfmania the Podcast.

This week, in a move likely to cause years of psychological trauma. Andrew catches up with Tim in his childhood bedroom and grills him about his hottest date ever and getting higher than hell. Plus! Heaven and hell! What is English Dim Sum! Harpsichord stories! Hugh Jackman update! And two ASTONISHING songs for you 'Wolfpack's Paradise (Live)' and 'Tim Likes to Get High'!

Warning: contains some bad language and some acting like dicks.


So. I have been dragged out of hiatus by Jon Shoe from The Cut Ups for ONE LAST JOB next Monday 8 May. That job? Melting a few faces and trying to flog the odd t-shirt at the Brixton Windmill. To ensure that this is a massive success, I will be performing a career-spanning selection of my classic hits and criminally overlooked rarities on a guitar. I also hope to have written two jokes by then, and will do my hair up real pretty, so it will be well worth getting to Brixton early. £5 on the door. No refunds.

Full event information is here on Facebook

and also here on the Windmill website

\m/ Heavy Metal \m/

Like all the best concept albums and toilet paper, Episode H of Wolfmania the Podcast is tough, strong and very, very long.

In this career-high instant classic, Andrew pays tribute to the headbanging heroes of heavy metal, raising a horned goblet to Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and legendary Loughborough video diarist Chris Needham. Meanwhile, Tim gets a very metal eye test and loses his mind listening to some seriously Satanic sounds.

But that's not all (oh, you're going to wish that was all). We learn the senses-shattering origin stories of some of the greatest super heroes the world has never known: Bell Man and Mr Sand, Hover Boy, mild-mannered Miles Mannling and the sinister Podcaster. Andrew reveals why Holland Hates him. Tim gives an Australian hardware warehouse the business. We find out how much funerals cost. There's a lot of chat about swimming. And a feature on 'how nice Andrew's hair is' completely dies on its arse.

Girls! God! Going to the Toilet!

Already sick and tired of disappointing elections? You need a quick shot of Wolfmania Late Night. That's right, the slightly-less-erratic, marginally-more-erotic older sister show of Wolfmania the Podcast makes a mucky return to the airwaves as Andrew and Tim make like Motley Crue and go Girl! Girl! Girl! crazy.

For those of you who like your late night content a little contentious, the boys shout at the devil in the least expected GOD chat this side of that Nicky Campbell show they have on Sunday morning that you think is going to be all about Grannies getting ripped off when they have their new PVC windows installed, but is actually a boring debate about whether or not we should give the terrorists the oxygen of publicity.Then, after that, we talk about going to the toilet for twenty minutes.

Nothin' But a G Thang

Episode 10 of Wolfmania the Podcast ain't nothin' but a G Thang. And it really is quite a thang. This week Andrew and Tim meet Magneto in an off licence, unearth an unreleased rarity from a mystery Boston grunge band and unleash Geordie Gangster, the greatest song in the history of pop. Twice. But that's not all! We horrify They Might Be Giants, snigger at a bad tattoo and, seeing as how this is Masters week, bring you m-m-m-m-m-mind golf, the zen of Caddyshack and three minutes of instructional hip hop guaranteed to help you lower your handicap. What have the other podcasts done for you this week?


Episode F of Wolfmania the Podcast is a sprawling, glittering, chat odyssey. An epic word jam full of laughs, songs and sort-of facts. This week, Tim and Andrew come down with a terrible dose of FESTIVAL FEVER (everything’s a festival these days isn’t it?) FISHERMAN’S GROTTO! (The adventure! The horror! The fashion!) and FOSSIL HUNTING ON THE RADIO (can we dig it? Yes, we can).


As if that wasn’t enough, we unveil Tim’s FURTIVE FEATURE and listen to ‘MY OWN NEWS’ a Wolfmania exclusive new track from seminal nineties emo band FUNCTION! Plus! Dumptruck Donnington – the great new travel game for kids - Ticketmiffle.com, The Barron Knights, Hugh Jackman news and A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.


Come over to the dark side with the inaugural episode of Wolfmana Late Night - the slightly more erratic, marginally more erotic after-hours version of Wolfmania the Podcast. This week Andrew and Tim drop the 'F' bomb and talk f*cking, fighting and freedom (oh and fear and football) like a pair of monstrous banter  machines. Or at least they try to. (In all honestly, if you found this episode on an Indian restaurant menu it would probably have two little chillies next to it. We are rubbish at banter).

Magic E! Extra Terrestrials! EGG BATTLE!

Extra big, extra funny and a-bit-more-clever-than-you-think, this is the best episode of Wolfmania the Podcast EVER!

Andrew and Tim open up the Encyclopedia of Everything for a bit of Magic E and unearth some practically Jurassic Early Stuff! If that's not enough, there's an extra terrestrial abduction, an utterly brutal EGG BATTLE and (hold the front page) the boys get a sponsorship deal. Plus! Rain, Sleet and Snow! Andrew evolves! Brian May! BADGERS! Sisqo! Thumbs up from a ghost! A rare space party remix! Oh man, this is the one!


In this very special episode of Wolfmania the Podcast, Andrew and Tim are joined in studio by their great mate Dungeonmaster Dave for a rapid descent into the Mines of Mayhem (bwahahahahahahahaha!) Will the boys unearth the gemstones of whatever-it-was? Will they be devoured by a giant toilet worm? Will Andrew get all sniffy about it, reckoning he's better than this sort of nonsense? Tune in and find out!

Dinosaur Exclusive! Cats Playing Video Games!

The Encyclopedia of Everything entry for the letter 'D' is so massive we're having a two-parter.

In the first of our Double D specials there is a WOLFMANIA EXCLUSIVE! from West Midlands (the band) the boys dig up some dirt on dinosaurs, and challenge Big Paws (the fictional cat) to a game of Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

Also! Last Week's Punchlines Today! talking Trebuchets! Star Wars tat! My Little Ponyman! Liam Neeson In Studio (sort of) and much, much more....

Cake (by the Canal) in the latest Podcast

Episode 4 of Wolfmania the Podcast is an instant classic! The Encyclopedia of Everything flops open on the letter C, coughing up Cake (UK) the greatest rock 'n' roll band you've never heard of: the hits, the hair, the guy dressed as a sausage roll, it's all here.

Plus, we visit the Celebrity Video Shop of Doom - where taking out a VHS is bad can be bad for your rental health - go in for the Lion King, leave with your life if you're lucky.

And that's not all! Choose Your Own Adventure! The Cobra! Agnostic Front Weetabix! Patricia Arquette! How good is the Pixies wi-fi! Meet the new Robocop! Andrew wins a t-shirt and the boys get a cute new sidekick.

Episode 3: Lol From Gonch in Studio! Radio Brass Rubbing!

In this week's Wolfmania The Podcast, fading nineties rocker Lol from Gonch joins Andrew and Tim in the internut space station to talk all things Britpop: Why Kula Shaker were right, what really happened with Tommy from Space and what it's actually like looking after Richard Ashcroft's Instagram account. No promises, but if we're lucky we might hear something off the classic Gonch album Mind the Gap.

Meanwhile, the boys get all emo in Umeå, as they reminisce about seeing the world's oldest ski at a Swedish wedding, before trying to launch a hot new broadcasting craze - brass rubbing on the radio.

Get Ready for the Next Episode

The second episode of Wolfmania the Podcast is here, and it's the best one yet (well, you'd hope it would be, right?) This week Andrew and Tim open up the Encyclopedia of Everything at the letter 'A'. Well, where else do you start?

Topically (sort of topically) the team discuss getting excited, ill and bankrupt in America: terror on the subway, horror at the ball game, and the little-known Mr Robot tourist market.

Andrew explains why his burgeoning career as an astronaut failed to launch, and finds out who fellow-space-station-dweller Tim Peake's favourite grime artist is, while our Tim tries to prove that he is more yoga master than Jagermeister guy by working out with his favourite internet celebrity.


We promised you fun. And now, it's time to deliver. The pilot episode of Wolfmania The Podcast is live (be gentle with us, we really didn't know what we were doing. and it's already pretty awesome).

We'll be posting new episodes each week (on a Thursday, I reckon) until this the world decides it is no longer a terrifying and terrible place, and everyone agrees that chat, laughs and music are all that we really need.