s02e02 - Poltergeist

They're here! Wolfman and Timpsy that is, for a creepy, kooky, spectacularly spooky Halloween special edition of Wolfmania the Podcast: Sickbed Cinema.

This week your favourite pair of scary clowns find something amiss in their suburban bliss when they unleash hell (and a sort-of-fun quiz) discussing the classic 1982 Steven (Steve) Spielberg shocker Poltergeist. (Spoiler alert: it's sort of like a goth E.T.).

But that's not all! The boys are joined in studio by very special musical guest 'Less Than Drake' for two new monster jams, Timpsy reads a terrifying bedtime story and Wolfman burns the pizza.

Plus: Ghosts! Goblins! Fancy dress! Mike the Terrified Bat! Celebrity Pedal Past! Your Letters! (alright, letter)! Non-stop pizza party! Mistakes and Regrets! Racist Ice Cream! Rob the Rogue! Louis Tomlinson! Judges' Houses! Hereford and Worcester's best new band! Big Paws! Pumpkins! A little bit of politics! More!

S02e01 - The Comeback Special

Oh hi everybody!

Would you believe it? Wolfmania The Podcast is back, Back, BACK! For an all-new! All-different! (mostly sort-of-the-same) senses-shattering second season, and it all starts right here.

After an extended lay-off Wolfman, Timpsy and Big Paws the podcast cat are back in town and trying to work out what they’re going to do now that the A - Z of Everything is over. Their answer will leave you BREATHLESS. (If you’re easily surprised by people announcing that they’re going to be running a film club podcast from now on).

All your favourite features and comedy-adjacent best bits are here: Fact Splat! Celebrity Pedal Past! The Gig Pig! Plus more big jingles than a Morris Dancing marathon. (Honestly, our jingles are better than most bands’ entire recorded outputs. Believe me when I tell you that 69 minutes of rusty chunter is a small price to pay for the majesty of ‘Mama Said I’m Locked Out: Wolfmania Season 2 Theme Tune’).

Plus: We Are Back! Dummy’s Guide! Sickbed Cinema! The Wire Season Six! High School German! The Sound of Cylons! Radio Cramp! ASMR Snuffling! Ned’s Acoustic Dustbin! Yoga With Adrian Chiles!

***Wolfmania the Podcast: Season 2: Sickbed Cinema*** will be released every other Wednesday until the end of time. Our next show, on October 31, will be a spooky Halloweeeeeeeen special. Your homework will be to have watched the film Poltergeist. Then we can all chat about it.

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S01E34 - THEIR FINAL HOUR - ZZ Top go to the Zoo

So, this is the end beautiful friends. With inches to spare, Andrew and Tim reach the last stop on their alphabetical joke journey, arriving at the electrifying conclusion of the A - Z of Everything. The side-splitting, senses-shattering, slightly emo, LAST episode of Wolfmania the Podcast.

And today they answer the BIG question that fans have been asking since day one.... What would it be like if ZZ Top went to the zoo?

Plus! Zombies! A cliffhanger ending! Fudge Factory! Has it come to this! Curry live! Polly and Dolly! Big Paws! Tom Jones! Boyz II Men 2 (AET) An actual joke!

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love you x

s01e33 - Year End Review and Yikes! Where's Tim?

It's late, you've lost your mates and some old bloke with a beard is bleating on about his albums of the year. No. Not the New Year's Eve Party you're about to go to... It's your one-man, year-end, will-this-do Wolfmania the Podcast.

Episode Y comes in at a miraculously muscular 31 minutes - scientifically proven to be the perfect amount of time for having a large glass of wine in the bath without anyone finding out. So, I'd stay in and do that if I were you. It looks horrible out there.

This week we ask two very important questions: One: Where's Tim? And Two: Could next week really be the last ever episode?!


s01e32 - Xmas Special: First Order, New Order, A Big Musical Number and Everybody Learns a Lesson

Ho! Ho! Holy sh*t! The Wolfmania Xmas Special is here. And it's seasonally stuffed with all the gifts, gags and years of seething unspoken resentment you'd expect from 51 minutes in the company of your family.

This being a showbiz Christmas, of course, we are joined in studio by some very special guests (no spoilers, but its NEW BLOODY ORDER! doing a totally exclusive Christmas song. Yes. Really!) and at the end there's a big musical number, and everybody learns a lesson.

Plus! X-Wings (we've seen Star Wars. There's hard Porg-talk) X-Men (Will Hugh Jackman honour his booking?) X-clusives - The Wolfmania All-Stars featuring the Hell is for Heroes Choir and two actual members of Bananarama. Bloody hell!

Happy holidays!

s01e31 - Wonders of the West Midlands, World of Wolfcraft and What's in the Box

Andrew Wolfman's peaceful and solitary existence gets upended when he encounters Timpsy, a young farm-boy with a high midichlorian count. His desire to learn the ways of the Wolf forces Andrew to make a decision that changes their lives forever. Meanwhile, tremble-lips emo Vader, Captain Panto and Vyvyan off the Young Ones lead the New Order in an all-out assault against the 10-man Resistance for supremacy of the galaxy

Oh no, hold on. With a world of 'W's dawning in front of them, Andrew and Timpsy get stuck into a 90 minute game of 'What's in the Box' which opens up a whole world of big questions. Like: "Do you like Paloma Faith" and "Jason Bourne and Matthew Bourne, right? Which one's the assassin and which one does the ballet?" Hilarity and Euro 2008 chat ensues.

These are the things that I will keep.

s01e30 - V.I.P. and the Van Halen Time Capsule (featuring Mike Nothing)

After last week's emo disaster-thon Andrew and Tim veer back on to safer ground - half-remembering things from the past, rock hard pizza, plugs for the shop - when they are joined in studio by Very Important Person Mike Nothing.

Mike joins Tim for the pilot of the new BBC Sunday night show 'Round Anglesey with Tim and Mike' while Andrew opens up the Van Halen Time Capsule and unearths a Sausage Revolution.

Featuring for the first-time-online (and possibly the last time) songs by The Fizzy Corporation, The Peasants are Revolting and All Aboard the Eggbasket, this is one for the ages. Well worth sticking with for the bit where, after exactly two hours, Mike Nothing decides he's finally had enough to drink and just walks off to get an Uber. A masterclass in broadcasting.

s01e29 - Unbreak my Heart (featuring Kitty Somerset)

Not going to lie, this week's Wolfmania is a pretty difficult listen. It's probably not for the faint hearted.

Speaking of whom, Andrew gets some terrible news, and struggles to talk about it. Don't worry though, he has no such trouble chatting about the movie S.M.A.R.T. starring Tim, or giving top model David Gandy the business. Oh, and he's written a song. Instead of a will. This is uneasy listening.

To make matters weirder, in an out-of-character burst of diversity, the boys are joined in studio by an actual woman, their great mate Kitty Somerset. Unfortunately, she has taken a vow of silence - which bodes badly for the new podcast Kitty, Timpsy and the Dressing Gown Guy.

Let the process of weeding out commence.

Love you x