s01e10 - Game of Pricks, Geordie Gangster, Gandalf Style, Godfathers of Grunge, and Golf Rap

Episode 10 of Wolfmania the Podcast ain't nothin' but a G Thang. And it really is quite a thang.

This week Andrew and Tim meet Magneto in an off licence, unearth an unreleased rarity from a mystery Boston grunge band and unleash Geordie Gangster, the greatest song in the history of pop. Twice.

But that's not all! We horrify They Might Be Giants, snigger at a bad tattoo and, seeing as how this is Masters week, bring you m-m-m-m-m-mind golf, the zen of Caddyshack and three minutes of instructional hip hop guaranteed to help you lower your handicap. What have the other podcasts done for you this week?