S01E15 - Just Me Then, Jobs, Jaw Dropping Sentence and Jersey Boys

When Wolfmania is struck by the sidekick strike, Andrew is faced with a dilemma. Strike out solo, or create a CGI Tim out of newspaper, string and a bit of bad back. You know, like they do in the Star Wars films.

This week's fun-filled fifty minutes features BIG CHAT (TM) about jobs, and the most jaw-dropping sentence ever spoken on the radio (or anywhere else) plus, we are joined in studio by internet fashion vlog sensations (yes, that's a thing) The Jersey Boys to learn about 'the 5 jumpers that we should be wearing, literally right now'. OMG!

And that's not all! We sneak into an Elbow recording session and hear a new song! J'Accusi! The wedding of the year! Wolfmania Live! Pool Crashers! Mosquito and Big Lips! Street Magic! What are you waiting for? Get downloading...