S01e20 - Marc Maron

WTF! Tim and I have reached the half-way point in our incredible chat journey, and this week we were honoured and surprised to get an invite out to LA to meet up with King of the podcast Marc Maron to talk about our craft and our time in the Comedy Store! What the Flip!

You can hear it now over on iTunes, or at https://soundcloud.com/wolfmania/s01e20-marc-maron

Plus! Gavin Rossdale from Bush is stopping on the futon! a cat with a clipboard! Enough new jingles to last three Christmases! Our milkshake brings all the nerds to the yard! Celebrity Pedalpast! The girl on the platform's smile! AND MORE!

Swear warning! We've tried to catch all the effs and jeffs, but that Marc Maron does love a curse. Parents you have been warned.