s01e24 - Party! Party! Party! Padding up and The People's Princess

Wolfmania is back! Back! Back! and ready to party. In this very special episode Andrew and Tim park the internet space station in the middle of the Notting Hill Carnival, strap some speakers to the roof and crank out... a surprising amount of Jesus Jones. Dancing policemen, drinks in coconuts and a bloke calling us narcs for wearing a podcast wire to the party parade quickly ensue.

And that's not all, we head over to Kensington Palace, meet the REAL people's Princess, and gnash our teeth over her shock new album. Wolfmania Sports Extra reveals full details of this week's BIG indie rock cricket tournament (September the 9th at Paddington Rec - 1pm start) and tries to up both its firepower and star power by talking two MAJOR stars into playing.

PLUS! Dale Storey from Velvet Marauder in Studio! Robot Fassbender! Ace of Drum and Bass! Trivago's Proper Zuul tactics! Dunkirk re-cast! Who is Timpsy and why is he getting bullied by four-year-olds? Artie Morkel!