so2e05 - Judgment Night (Kick Him in the Dick)

Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check-it-out! It's the hip hop holiday episode of Wolfmania the Podcast sort of featuring very special guests The Beastie Boys (Squeeeeeeee!)

As if that's not enough excitement, your Beastly Brothers Wolfman and Timpsy put the dissing and cussing into long-winded film discussion as they tackle the 1993 rhyming and stabbing Emilio Estevez 'classic' Judgment Night.

Never in the long and and storied history of notionally film-based podcasting has an episode so artistically mirrored its subject: bumbling brosephs being dinkheads at night time, half an hour longer than is strictly necessary and essentially just an excuse for a ridiculous rap-metal soundtrack...

Ah yes, the soundtrack. Not only do we take you on a tour through the genre-bending delights of the ground-breaking grunge-hop Judgment Night OST, we have THREE (count 'em) EXCLUSIVE tracks not heard on the original album: Less Than Drake v Geoff Leppard, Cyprus Phil's "Sticky Green Vape Machine" and, oh yes, the frankly frightening: "Kick Him in the dink".

Whatever else you do with this episode (skip it and put that Peter Crouch one on probably) you will not want to miss "Kick Him in the dink". (it's at 74 minutes, Cyprus Phil is at 46 minutes, you can probably 2x through the rest).

Plus! Timp Bucks! Social Shout Outs! Around the Grounds! Boiler Man! Christmas Down Under! Intergalactic Child Fight! The Gig Pig! Def Leppard Christmas Jumper! Anthony the Theatre Anteater! Timpsy's World of Impressions! Brand Champions! Celebrity Treadlefoot! Rap disaster! Ladder 42 Where Are You?! Infinity War Ending!

Parental warning: The song Kick Him in the dink (at 74 minutes) features strong and repeated dink kickings.

Also I failed to bleep out a bit where we call Pearl Jam a 'shirt funk metal band' (about 64 minutes). Soz.

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