so2e07 - Hootenanny!

If your New Year's resolution is to listen to more chat, well, you've come to the right place. Wolfman and Timpsy roar into 2K19 with a twelve-months-in-the-making two-hour spectacular New Year Hootenanny!

Marvel! At their totally achievable (not-at-all over ambitious) plans for REVOLUTION WINTER! Thrill! To their unimpeachably cool choices in the end of year poll of polls. Then shake your head sadly when you realise that this is actually what they did on New Year's eve.

Plus! Non-stop Pizza Party Ghost Protocol! Big Paws! Champagne Supernova! Live Show! Night of a Thousand Joolses! LadBaby gets the buisiness! Griefcase! Well-net! The Mindful Guys! Christmas Disco! MDMA sex party! Ornette Coleman! THRIVE! And your musical guests The WInter Olympics, Billy Idles and Eddie Butler!

Wolfman and Timpsy donated their fee (it's £50) to the Trussell Trust Food Bank Network. Get involved here: