West Midlands EP - Digital Download


West Midlands EP - Digital Download


Neatly zipped up MP3 digi-download of The West Midlands EP

The four tracks on the EP are:

Wild West Midlands
Teenage Ghosts
Covered in Decay

The West Midlands is a concept record rapidly decaying rock star, dropped by his label, forgotten by his fans and forced to return to his childhood home in the Black Country to confront his demons – some of which, it turns out, are actual demons. It’s sort of a documentary.

The band use the last 40 years of West Midlands music as a jumping off point for their sound: the Hammer Horror heaviness of Black Sabbath, the New Street new wave pop nous of Duran Duran, the chaotic clatter of The Swell Maps. If you listen closely, there's something decidedly Dexy's about the roaring chorus of Teenage Ghosts, and Covered in Decay rides in on the baggy Black Country blast beat that Ned's Atomic Dustbin would be proud of. It is, of course, absolutely bosting.

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