Wolfmania - Jingles Going Steady (Original Motion Podcast Soundtrack) MP3 download


Wolfmania - Jingles Going Steady (Original Motion Podcast Soundtrack) MP3 download


42 context-free musical favourites from season one of Wolfmania the Podcast handily bundled together as a zip file of mp3s. Not quite as good as the tape edition, but still pretty near untouchable…

All your favourite sing-alongs, songs and jingles are here. From the highbrow heavy metal of Glengarry Glenn Danzig to the extra cheesy Non-Stop Pizza Party. There are Herculean hits from Perry Perry Perry Perry, Function and Gonch, and some utterly unbelievable guest appearances from some VERY famous friends. Honestly, if we were to tell you who Smurfer Rosa, Terrible Spiders, Comfort and Joy Division and LED Soundsystem really were, your mind might actually melt and we’d be drowning in fivers (actually, those last two probably aren’t that hard to work out, but you know, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh).

You won’t hear these life-changing laffers anywhere else (Spotify did not like it one bit, ITunes seemed genuinely angry) so act today to secure your copy, and find out exactly what it might sound like if ZZ Top went to the zoo…

Features the songs:

A01 - Theme From Wolfmania

A02 - Wolfshake

A03 - Greedy Flies - Shrub

A04 - Celebrity Pedal Past

A05 - My Own News - Function

A06 - Mr Bitesize

A07 - Brass Rubbing

A08 - Wolfmanis Late Night Theme

A09 - The Letter A

A10 - Aim Higher (Soy El Arquero Maestro) - Smurfer Rosa

A11 - Geordie Gangsta

A12 - Gender Blender - Gonch

A13 - Egg Battle

A14 - Theme From K - Town

A15 - Death Metal Merch

A16 - Don't Make me Put the Mask On - Knees

A17 - Country Grandma

A18 - The Gig Pig

A19 - Mistakes And Regrets

A20 - Last Week's Punchlines Today

A21 - Encyclopedia of Everything

A22 - Sharp Dressed Manatee - The Zoo Crew.

A23 - You Can Do It (Lower Your Handicap)

A24 - Theme from Lagerbeck

A25 - Blue Christmas - Comfort and Joy Division

A26 - Wolfmania is Coming Back

B01 - Timpsy Theme

B02 - Downwards Dog - Jesus Joe

B03 - Moon Music

B04 - The Love - Perry Perry Perry Perry

B05 - Mighty Mighty Theme Tune

B06 - Grebo Cerebro

B07 - Glengarry Glenn Danzig

B08 - Nonstop Pizza Party

B09 - Mariachi El Du

B10 - Letter B

B11 - kpthfth - Terrible Spiders

B12 - Whiskery Bear Artie Morkel Mix

B13 - Totally Killing the Community Clinic

B14 - When I Go Edit (Demo)

B15 - Do They Know It's Wolfmania?

B16 - End of he Road

Whether you’re into mariachi punk, golf rap or the theme from fictional Scandinavian crime dramas there is something here for everyone. (Admittedly, those three examples probably don’t constitute ‘everyone’.)

Jingles Going Steady is also available as an unbelievably beautiful cassette.

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