Born in Singapore on October the 17th of (let's say) 1982, Andrew Wolfman is a visionary British singer, songwriter, artist, journalist, actor, author, comedian, broadcaster, DJ, fashion designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the host of the Wolfmania podcast, runs his own record label and fashion range and has excellent hair.

Wolfman first gained popularity in the nineties as the impossibly youthful lead singer of teenage boy band Cake (UK) before finding international acclaim as founder and frontman of critically revered art-punk arena rock bands The Winter Olympics and West Midlands. 

Not one to be stifled by the stale hegemony of indie rock and roll, Wolfman maintained a successful solo career as Wolfpack of One; mixing intensely personal lo-fi acoustic song craft with ferocious party-starting hip hop. His devastating lyrics and unique personal style made him an icon for a generation of disaffected youth and the ensuing Wolfpack book Best Band in Britain remains a bestseller. 

Away from the limelight Wolfman gave back to the industry that brought him near-untold riches launching the not-for-profit record label and fashion house Grave Tapes. A series of influential articles he wrote for the national press went on to launch the careers of a number of household names including Craig David, Cradle of Filth and (oh yes) Crazy Penis.

In 2017 the Wolfmania website was set up to promote the new Andrew Wolfman solo record (released on Christmas day) and catalogue the outer-reaches of Wolfman’s musical output and archive a life’s worth of ephemera (Wolphemera?) you know, just in case something horrible were to happen. There is also a shop, where you can buy everything from tee shirts to action figures.

The website’s flagship podcast: Wolfmania with (Andrew and Tim) is broadcast fortnightly to rapturous reviews and captures "that sweet spot between sentimental nostalgia and harrowing distress. It’s hilarious.” 

Stick around, things might get a little hairy.