so2e07 - Hootenanny!

If your New Year's resolution is to listen to more chat, well, you've come to the right place. Wolfman and Timpsy roar into 2K19 with a twelve-months-in-the-making two-hour spectacular New Year Hootenanny!

Marvel! At their totally achievable (not-at-all over ambitious) plans for REVOLUTION WINTER! Thrill! To their unimpeachably cool choices in the end of year poll of polls. Then shake your head sadly when you realise that this is actually what they did on New Year's eve.

Plus! Non-stop Pizza Party Ghost Protocol! Big Paws! Champagne Supernova! Live Show! Night of a Thousand Joolses! LadBaby gets the buisiness! Griefcase! Well-net! The Mindful Guys! Christmas Disco! MDMA sex party! Ornette Coleman! THRIVE! And your musical guests The WInter Olympics, Billy Idles and Eddie Butler!

Wolfman and Timpsy donated their fee (it's £50) to the Trussell Trust Food Bank Network. Get involved here:


Still looking for that annoying drone that ruined your holiday? Look no further. It’s the mega-festive 2018 Christmas special edition of Wolfmania the Podcast.

With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree Wolfman and Timpsy rejoice in the things that they’ve seen (none of which, disappointingly for what’s supposed to be a film podcast, appear to be films).

With three big musical exclusives from West Midlands, Comfort and Joy Machine and By George, the boys are here to accompany your Christmas Day funtivities, whether that’s feeeling your presents under the tree, roasting chestnuts on an open fire or driving miles in the pouring rain to visit relatives you sort-of-despise and pray won’t talk about Brexit...

so2e05 - Judgment Night (Kick Him in the Dick)

Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check-it-out! It's the hip hop holiday episode of Wolfmania the Podcast sort of featuring very special guests The Beastie Boys (Squeeeeeeee!)

As if that's not enough excitement, your Beastly Brothers Wolfman and Timpsy put the dissing and cussing into long-winded film discussion as they tackle the 1993 rhyming and stabbing Emilio Estevez 'classic' Judgment Night.

Never in the long and and storied history of notionally film-based podcasting has an episode so artistically mirrored its subject: bumbling brosephs being dinkheads at night time, half an hour longer than is strictly necessary and essentially just an excuse for a ridiculous rap-metal soundtrack...

Ah yes, the soundtrack. Not only do we take you on a tour through the genre-bending delights of the ground-breaking grunge-hop Judgment Night OST, we have THREE (count 'em) EXCLUSIVE tracks not heard on the original album: Less Than Drake v Geoff Leppard, Cyprus Phil's "Sticky Green Vape Machine" and, oh yes, the frankly frightening: "Kick Him in the dink".

Whatever else you do with this episode (skip it and put that Peter Crouch one on probably) you will not want to miss "Kick Him in the dink". (it's at 74 minutes, Cyprus Phil is at 46 minutes, you can probably 2x through the rest).

Plus! Timp Bucks! Social Shout Outs! Around the Grounds! Boiler Man! Christmas Down Under! Intergalactic Child Fight! The Gig Pig! Def Leppard Christmas Jumper! Anthony the Theatre Anteater! Timpsy's World of Impressions! Brand Champions! Celebrity Treadlefoot! Rap disaster! Ladder 42 Where Are You?! Infinity War Ending!

Parental warning: The song Kick Him in the dink (at 74 minutes) features strong and repeated dink kickings.

Also I failed to bleep out a bit where we call Pearl Jam a 'shirt funk metal band' (about 64 minutes). Soz.

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s02e04 - Spider Hyphen Man (2002)

Uncool at school and majorly moping over the girl next door, Wolfmania’s world is turned upside down when it gets bitten by some radioactive chat. Instantly imbued with a freewheeling chemistry and uncanny comic timing (our jingle sense is tingling!) but touched by tragedy, Wolfman and Timpsy learn that with great gags come even greater laffs.

In an out-of-character 2h 11m of stuttering sincerity, the boys pay humble homage and trembling tribute to Marvel maestro Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, and at least one of them watches Sam Raimi’s swing-o-rilliant first Spider-Man movie all the way to the end.

But that’s not all! (That’s not even nearly all.) Timpsy titillates us and dishes the dirt on the Dater’s Handbook, while Wolfman takes a swing at the twin evils of toxic masculinity and the flu bug.

Plus! Be More Like Robert! Social Shout-Outs! Dingle Debenham-North! Greater Omaha! The Swimming Dead! The Snüffel! Möttley Cerrütti! Sick! Sick! Sick! Wolfmania Late Night! Data's Handbook! Celebrity Pedalpast! The Claudio Clapper! Norway! Dead-Eyed Stuart! Casper Mattress! Spielberg, McCartney and Lee! Stop Going On About The Universal Bloody Ear! Fact Splat! Enchantment Under the Sea! Pep Music! The Leech! Macho Man Randall Savage! And very special musical guests StanBand! The Ramones! And My Glamorous Australian Wife! Is it long? Listen bud. We've got radioactive blood.

Parental warning! This week's show comes with a PG-13 rating. The Dater's Handbook is pretty electric, there's an un-caught eff-bomb about 1h 45m in and someone says 'vagina' while talking about modern art.

Tech Splat! This week's episode is exactly the same length as the 2002 film Spider - Man, and can be played alongside the film as a fancy blu-ray commentary track extra. You know, if you want.


s02e03 - THE WICKER MAN (S)

Remember, remember the 14th of November with a slightly belated, slow burning, bonfire episode of Wolfmania the Podcast: Season Two: Sickbed Cinema.

With a big box of fireworx and minimal duds your favourite well-stuffed Guys Wolfman and Timpsy fan the flames of filmic debate with their hot takes on the classic 1973 scorched-copper caper The Wicker Man and the diabolical (I want to say) 2006 version where Nicholas Cage steals a bike, puts on a bear suit, punches out a load of women and then gets murdered by bees.

But that's not all! The boys introduce their ambitious new proper-cooking, sitcom Buns of Anarchy. Plus! The Sorceror's Apprentice! Last Week's Punchlines Today! Proper Football Men! The Hale and Pace Movie! Social shoutouts! Celebrity Pedalpast (Aqua Edition)! Corby Trouser-Press! And special musical guest STAGZ!

s02e02 - Poltergeist

They're here! Wolfman and Timpsy that is, for a creepy, kooky, spectacularly spooky Halloween special edition of Wolfmania the Podcast: Sickbed Cinema.

This week your favourite pair of scary clowns find something amiss in their suburban bliss when they unleash hell (and a sort-of-fun quiz) discussing the classic 1982 Steven (Steve) Spielberg shocker Poltergeist. (Spoiler alert: it's sort of like a goth E.T.).

But that's not all! The boys are joined in studio by very special musical guest 'Less Than Drake' for two new monster jams, Timpsy reads a terrifying bedtime story and Wolfman burns the pizza.

Plus: Ghosts! Goblins! Fancy dress! Mike the Terrified Bat! Celebrity Pedal Past! Your Letters! (alright, letter)! Non-stop pizza party! Mistakes and Regrets! Racist Ice Cream! Rob the Rogue! Louis Tomlinson! Judges' Houses! Hereford and Worcester's best new band! Big Paws! Pumpkins! A little bit of politics! More!

S02e01 - The Comeback Special

Oh hi everybody!

Would you believe it? Wolfmania The Podcast is back, Back, BACK! For an all-new! All-different! (mostly sort-of-the-same) senses-shattering second season, and it all starts right here.

After an extended lay-off Wolfman, Timpsy and Big Paws the podcast cat are back in town and trying to work out what they’re going to do now that the A - Z of Everything is over. Their answer will leave you BREATHLESS. (If you’re easily surprised by people announcing that they’re going to be running a film club podcast from now on).

All your favourite features and comedy-adjacent best bits are here: Fact Splat! Celebrity Pedal Past! The Gig Pig! Plus more big jingles than a Morris Dancing marathon. (Honestly, our jingles are better than most bands’ entire recorded outputs. Believe me when I tell you that 69 minutes of rusty chunter is a small price to pay for the majesty of ‘Mama Said I’m Locked Out: Wolfmania Season 2 Theme Tune’).

Plus: We Are Back! Dummy’s Guide! Sickbed Cinema! The Wire Season Six! High School German! The Sound of Cylons! Radio Cramp! ASMR Snuffling! Ned’s Acoustic Dustbin! Yoga With Adrian Chiles!

***Wolfmania the Podcast: Season 2: Sickbed Cinema*** will be released every other Wednesday until the end of time. Our next show, on October 31, will be a spooky Halloweeeeeeeen special. Your homework will be to have watched the film Poltergeist. Then we can all chat about it.

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S01E34 - THEIR FINAL HOUR - ZZ Top go to the Zoo

So, this is the end beautiful friends. With inches to spare, Andrew and Tim reach the last stop on their alphabetical joke journey, arriving at the electrifying conclusion of the A - Z of Everything. The side-splitting, senses-shattering, slightly emo, LAST episode of Wolfmania the Podcast.

And today they answer the BIG question that fans have been asking since day one.... What would it be like if ZZ Top went to the zoo?

Plus! Zombies! A cliffhanger ending! Fudge Factory! Has it come to this! Curry live! Polly and Dolly! Big Paws! Tom Jones! Boyz II Men 2 (AET) An actual joke!

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