West Midlands Hospital Radio - Episode 6 - From Here to Maternity

Hi everybody, gather up your hot towels and remember your breathing, the 'From Here to Maternity' episode of West Midlands Hospital Radio - the nation's number one surgically spirited indie rock podcast - is available now.

This week at St Vincent’s hospital we're saying Mama! OOOoOOOOoOO as we bring you metal mothers, pregnant pauses, and a little bit of baby love. We’re going to have the biggest, slightly complicated Labour party since Jeremy Corbyn agreed to DJ that kid’s bar mitzvah… (Really not sure about that joke).

Expect Hits! Misses! Chat! Laffs! Now incorporating West Midlands Hospital Radio Smooth!

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Here are this week’s hits that matter:

Slade – Mama Weer All Crazee Now
LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Born to Run
The Stupids - Born to Skate
Husker Du - The Baby Song
Teenage Fanclub – Metal Baby
LCD Soundsystem – Oh Baby
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Atari Baby (Uzi Baby)
Guided by Voices – My Son Cool
Blake Babies – I’m Not Your Mother
Voice of the Beehive – Don’t Call Me Baby
Hole - Beautiful Son
Daughter – Youth
Mudhoney and Sir Mix-a-Lot - Freak Mama
Danzig – Mother
The Misfits – Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
Kids Near Water – So This Is How It Begins
Talking Heads – Stay Up Late
Van Halen – And The Cradle Will Rock
Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time
Sleater Kinney – Little Babies
The Ronettes – Be My Baby
Ex Hex – New Kid
Adolescents – I Hate Children
The Mountain Goats - No Children
The Sugarcubes – Birthday
Underworld – Born Slippy (Nuxx)
Purple Mountains - I Loved Being My Mother's Son


Hey! Everyone. The latest episode of my medically-minded indie rock radio show: West Midlands Hospital Radio is ready for your consideration.

This week, in spite of public demand we’re breaking out of the broom cupboard, hauling down our underthings and heading south for the sexual health centre. Welcome, unexpectedly early, to the season finale of my radio career.

What can you expect? Well, we’ve got more forgotten songs, more massive name dropping, and more drippy, droopy utterly grotty jesus Christ I can’t un-see it sex bombs than the new Moby autobiography. There's ethereal venereal chillwave, a planned parenthood pop punk party and…. yes a little bit of Johnny B Goode.

This being sexual health week, you can expect some strong language and a lot of material intended for more mature audiences… but, you know, also ‘My Nuts’ by the Fat Boys. Wait! Come back!

Parental guidance rating: Yeah, what do you think?

Here's this week's hit list.

New Order - Age of Consent 
Kool Moe Dee - Go See the Doctor 
The Cramps - Goo Goo Muck
The Coasters - Poison Ivy
Pixies - I’ve Been Tired 
Elastica - Stutter
Art Brut - Rusted Guns of Milan
Viagra Boys - Frogstrap
P J Harvey - Rub ‘til it Bleeds
Bad Brains - Pay to Cum
Salt-N-Pepa - Let’s Talk About Sex
Billy Bragg - Sexuality 
Loretta Lynn - The Pill
D.O.A - Use Your Raincoat 
Pansy Division - No Protection
Fat Boys - Protect Yourself / My Nuts 
The Scorpions - Tainted Love
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
Bikini Kill - I Like Fucking
War on Women - Roe V. World 
Lunachicks - Fallopian Rhapsody 
AC/DC - The Jack 
The Guess Who - Clap For The Wolfman
The Hare And Hoofe - Crab! 
Blue Öyster Cult - Burnin’ for You 
The Supremes - Love Is Like an Itching In My Heart
Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring 
Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off
Roky Erickson - Two Headed Dog


Back once again with the ill behaviour – It’s West Midlands Hospital Radio! The nation’s number-one medically themed indie rock radio show. 

Tonight’s show is one for the heads. We’re leaving affairs of the heart behind us and getting cerebral. That’s right! It’s brain week here at St Vincent’s and we let Pavlov’s dogs out with all sorts of neurological, psychological, sort of logical sounds: Pink Freud, Lisa Lobe, the sound of neuroscience. If that all sounds a bit, well, difficult, I assure you it’s not brain surgery… oh, wait…

I sort of thought that this week’s episode might be a bit bumpy, but I think it’s turned out great. We have 30 absolute melon twisters for you (alright, maybe 28) plus Jokes galore! Midway Metal Madness! Behind the Music! Hot Take! Taillights Fail! Dubious accents! And a little bit of mental health chat.

Parental guidance: Sufjan Stevens (of all people) gets very sweary 35 minutes into the show. Tighten it up Stevens. The rest of the episode is all beeped, but you make your own decision as to whether you want your kids listening to Quiet Riot.

The tracklisting in full

 Prince – Let’s Go Crazy

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

Therapy – Screamager

Chain and the Gang – If I Only Had a Brain

Bad Brains – The Big Takeover

Buffalo Tom – Birdbrain

Frank Black – Headache

Sufjan Stevens – I Want to Be Well

Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized

Yo La Tengo – Season of the Shark

Uncle Tupelo: No Depression

Black Flag: Depression

Madder Rose: Panic On

Quiet Riot – Metal Health

Cannibal Corpse – Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains

Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (live)

Emerson Lake and Palmer – Brain Salad Surgery

Eve (Featuring Gwen Stefani) – Let Me Blow Ya Mind

Self Esteem – The Best

Kape Kanaveral – Anxiety Attack

Guided by Voices – Her Psychology Today

Best Coast – Feeling Okay

Muncie Girls – Clinic

Clinic – The Equalizer

Colleen Green: Things That are Bad for Me Part 1

Black Sabbath: Paranoid

Tiffany: I Think We’re Alone Now 

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness

The Television Personalities – Sick Again 

If you want to contact the show: please email us at westmidlandsband@gmail.com, follow us around on Twitter @andrewWM or have a look at our Instagram @andrew_wolfpack.

If you are having a hard time with your mental health, The Samaritans offer emotional support 24 hours a day - in full confidence. - Call 116 123 - it's FREE

Or email jo@samaritans.org.uk

West Midlands Hospital Radio - Episode 3 - This is Heartcore

The thrill-a-minute 3rd episode of West Midlands Hospital Radio, the nation’s top medically themed indie rock podcast is here. The only show that knows the quickest way to your heart is a unilateral incision on the upper left region of the sternum.

This week we career down to the cardio wing for 2hrs of serious heartcore. We’ve got pulsating punk jams, pumping pop songs, big beating bangers that’ll take your breath away quicker than a pulmonary embolism. We’ve got full hearts, broken hearts, bleeding hearts & the band Heart. Essentially, for 120 mins we are Heart fm. Except slightly less depressing. It’s marginal, but at least you’re not stuck in a taxi, already hungover, choking on the fug of Febreeze and the sound of Simply Red.

If you’d like to get in touch, send your requests to westmidlandsband@gmail.com, visit wolfmania.org or follow us around on Instagram @andrew_wolfpack or on Twitter @andrewWM - or, you know, just shove a note under the door on your way to the canteen.

Here are this week's heart throbs (should've played some Heart Throbs)

Dee–Lite: Groove is in the Heart

Blondie – Heart of Glass

The Go-Go’s - We Got The Beat

Heart – Barracuda

Beastie Boys - Heart Attack Man

Heart Attack Man - Boring

Cat Power – Metal Heart

Accept – Metal Heart

Guided by Voices – Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy

Bat Fangs – Heartbeat

The Exploding Hearts – Modern Kicks

Heart Bones – This Time It’s Different

Helen Love – Does Your Heart Go Boom?

The Knife – Heart Beats

Slayer – Hardening of the Arteries

Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution

Iron Chic - Planes, Chest Pains and Automobiles

Gerry and the Pacemakers – Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine

The Lemonheads – Big Gay Heart

Alexisonfire – Pulmonary Archery

Motley Crue – Kickstart my Heart

Katy Perry – Hummingbird Heartbeat

John Grant – Supernatural Defibrillator

Deerhoof – Punch Buggy Valve

Ceephax Acid Crew – Arterial Acid Volume IV

DJ Kronotrope – Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness

Sun City Girls – Clickety Clack Go the Arterial Tracks

Quarterflash - Harden My Heart

Madness - Cardiac Arrest

The Psychedelic Furs – Heartbreak Beat

Conor Oberst – Tachycardia

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

Cardiacs - Is This The Life?

West Midlands Hospital Radio - Episode 2 - Pump Up the Valium!

Live! From the Brian May Wing of St Vincent’s Hospital! It’s the sensational second episode of West Midlands Hospital Radio

This week we dispense with the pleasantries, pump up the Valium, and pray that the drugs do work as we pick up prescription hits from all four corners of the rock and roll pharmacy. We've got more than enough high times, drug songs and mind-expanding sing-alongs to take the edge off the hurt for a couple of hours.

Your host Andrew Wolfman (me!) just says yes to music from Black Sabbath, Hüsker Dü, Huey Lewis (and the News!) plus, this being drug week, there's a proper tops-off, hands-aloft mega rave. (Don't worry, we'll warn you when the tops-off mega rave starts). 

Also, there are some reasonably funny jokes.  

Your host Andrew Wolfman (me!) just says yes to music from Black Sabbath, Hüsker Dü, Huey Lewis (and the News!) plus, this being drug week, there's a proper tops-off, hands-aloft mega rave. (Don't worry, we'll warn you when the tops-off mega rave starts). 

Also, there are some reasonably funny jokes.  

Parental warnings:

Strong drug references throughout, plus after 43m I call Ted Nugent "a twat". At 55m the band Drug Church really let rip and at 1h 54m there is some talk of the ITV4 TV show 'Tattoo Wankers'. On the plus side, if you stick around to the very end, there is a very funny joke about a horse that kids are just going to love.

Here are this week’s hits!

  • Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots

  • Hüsker Dü – Eight Miles High

  • Bomb The Bass (Featuring Justin Warfield) – Bug Powder Dust

  • St. Vincent – Pills

  • The Vibrators – Amphetamine Blue

  • Amyl and The Sniffers – 70’s Street Munchies

  • Harry ‘The Hipster’ Gibson – Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs Murphy’s Ovaltine?

  • Chris T-T – The Headcold Bit of the Winter

  • The Nation of Ulysses – Aspirin Kid

  • Amboy Dukes – Journey to the Center (sic) of the Mind

  • Helium – Pat’s Trick

  • Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Chinese Rocks

  • Ella Fitzgerald – Wacky Dust

  • Drug Church – Weed Pin

  • The Smoke – My Friend Jack

  • Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf

  • The Dramatics – The Devil is Dope

  • The Temptations – Cloud Nine

  • Other Half – Mr. Pharmacist

  • Giant Drag – High Friends in Places

  • Dillinger – Cokane in My Brain

  • Peter Cook and Dudley Moore – The L.S. Bumblebee

  • Beck – Steve Threw Up

  • Nirvana – Lithium

  • Huey Lewis & The News – I Want a New Drug

  • Neil Young – The Needle & The Damage Done

  • Codeine – D

  • E-Zee Possee – Everything Starts With an ‘E’

  • D-Mob (Featuring Gary Haisman) – We Call It Acieed

  • Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousness

  • BMX Bandits – Serious Drugs

send our requests to: westmidlandsband@gmail.com

follow us around: @andrew_wolfpack on Instagram and @andrewWM on Twitter

West Midlands Hospital Radio - Episode 1 - Songs in A and E

Live! From the Brian May Wing of St Vincent's Hospital - it's West Midlands Hospital Radio. 120 minutes of loosely themed, lovingly curated songs in A and E. Old songs, new songs, but, if we're being honest, mostly 1992 songs. Request resistant rock and roll radio to make you feel a bit better...

This week's show features all the biggest hits of hospital rock from: Fugazi, New York Dolls, The White Stripes, Cypress Hill, Sleater-Kinney, Fucked Up, The Ramones, Circle Jerks, Pixies, Marnie Stern, Terry Corin and Her Boyfriends, Dinosaur Jr, KISS, Sparklehorse, Kraftwerk, Mike Krol, Public Enemy, Judas Priest, Julie Andrews, Jawbreaker, Julien Baker, Jackson Browne, Hot Hot Heat, Honeyblood, The Replacements, Roxy Music, Madonna, Doctor and the Medics, Mudhoney and The Modern Lovers. On top of that there are approximately two good jokes and a fistful of jingles. Your host Andrew Wolfman (West Midlands the band, Wolfmania the Podcast) gets marginally less annoying as the show goes on.

You can contact the show at westmidlandsband@gmail.com or @andrewWM on Twitter (or @andrew_wolfpack on Instagram). Next episode is a pharmaceutical special (there must be some songs about drugs, right?) so get your requests and drugs in now!

Here’s this week’s tracklist in full:

West Midlands Hospital Radio: Episode 1 - Songs in A and E

  • Fugazi - Waiting Room (Version)

  • New York Dolls - Pills

  • The White Stripes - Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine

  • Cypress Hill - Dr. Greenthumb

  • Sleater-Kinney - Heart Attack

  • Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams

  • The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated

  • Circle Jerks - Operation

  • Pixies - Broken Face

  • Marnie Stern - Put All Your Eggs In One Basket And Then Watch That Basket

  • Terry Corin and Her Boyfriends - Sick! Sick! Sick!

  • Dinosaur Jr - Feel The Pain

  • KISS - Calling Dr. Love

  • Sparklehorse - St Mary

  • Kraftwerk - Elektro Kardiogramm

  • Mike Krol - An Ambulance

  • Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke

  • Judas Priest - Painkiller

  • Julie Andrews - A Spoonful of Sugar

  • Jawbreaker - Outpatient

  • Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle

  • Jackson Browne - Doctor My Eyes

  • Hot Hot Heat - Bandages

  • Honeyblood - Love Is A Disease

  • The Replacements - Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out

  • Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug

  • Madonna - Open Your Heart

  • Doctor and the Medics - Spirit In The Sky

  • Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick

  • The Modern Lovers - Hospital

so2e07 - Hootenanny!

If your New Year's resolution is to listen to more chat, well, you've come to the right place. Wolfman and Timpsy roar into 2K19 with a twelve-months-in-the-making two-hour spectacular New Year Hootenanny!

Marvel! At their totally achievable (not-at-all over ambitious) plans for REVOLUTION WINTER! Thrill! To their unimpeachably cool choices in the end of year poll of polls. Then shake your head sadly when you realise that this is actually what they did on New Year's eve.

Plus! Non-stop Pizza Party Ghost Protocol! Big Paws! Champagne Supernova! Live Show! Night of a Thousand Joolses! LadBaby gets the buisiness! Griefcase! Well-net! The Mindful Guys! Christmas Disco! MDMA sex party! Ornette Coleman! THRIVE! And your musical guests The WInter Olympics, Billy Idles and Eddie Butler!

Wolfman and Timpsy donated their fee (it's £50) to the Trussell Trust Food Bank Network. Get involved here: www.trusselltrust.org


Still looking for that annoying drone that ruined your holiday? Look no further. It’s the mega-festive 2018 Christmas special edition of Wolfmania the Podcast.

With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree Wolfman and Timpsy rejoice in the things that they’ve seen (none of which, disappointingly for what’s supposed to be a film podcast, appear to be films).

With three big musical exclusives from West Midlands, Comfort and Joy Machine and By George, the boys are here to accompany your Christmas Day funtivities, whether that’s feeeling your presents under the tree, roasting chestnuts on an open fire or driving miles in the pouring rain to visit relatives you sort-of-despise and pray won’t talk about Brexit...