We. Are. Back.

Would you believe it? Wolfmania The Podcast is back, Back, BACK! For an all-new! All-different! (mostly sort-of-the-same) senses-shattering second season, and it all starts right here.

After an extended lay-off Wolfman, Timpsy and Big Paws the podcast cat are back in town and trying to work out what they’re going to do now that the A - Z of Everything is over. Their answer will leave you BREATHLESS. (If you’re easily surprised by people announcing that they’re going to be running a film club podcast from now on).

All your favourite features and comedy-adjacent best bits are here: Fact Splat! Celebrity Pedal Past! The Gig Pig! Plus more big jingles than a Morris Dancing marathon. (Honestly, our jingles are better than most bands’ entire recorded outputs. Believe me when I tell you that 69 minutes of rusty chunter is a small price to pay for the majesty of ‘Mama Said I’m Locked Out: Wolfmania Season 2 Theme Tune’).

Plus: We Are Back! Dummy’s Guide! Sickbed Cinema! The Wire Season Six! High School German! The Sound of Cylons! Radio Cramp! ASMR Snuffling! Ned’s Acoustic Dustbin! Yoga With Adrian Chiles!

***Wolfmania the Podcast: Season 2: Sickbed Cinema*** will be released every other Wednesday until the end of time. Our next show, on October 31, will be a spooky Halloweeeeeeeen special. Your homework will be to have watched the film Poltergeist. Then we can all chat about it.