s01e04 - Cake, Celebrity Video Shop of Doom and Commercial BreakS

Episode 4 of Wolfmania the Podcast is an instant classic! The Encyclopedia of Everything flops open on the letter C, coughing up Cake (UK) the greatest rock 'n' roll band you've never heard of: the hits, the hair, the guy dressed as a sausage roll, it's all here.

Plus, we visit the Celebrity Video Shop of Doom - where taking out a VHS is bad can be bad for your rental health - go in for the Lion King, leave with your life if you're lucky. 

And that's not all! Choose Your Own Adventure! The Cobra! Agnostic Front Weetabix! Patricia Arquette! How good is the Pixies wi-fi! Meet the new Robocop! Andrew wins a t-shirt and the boys get a cute new sidekick.

In ten years time you'll be endlessly quoting the comedy gold from this beyond bumper episode. Be the first on your block to get the gags. Download Episode 4 today, and do say nice things about us in the comments.

While you're here: Why not support the scene and buy Cake UK t-shirts and merch? 

CAKE (UK) Kidderminster Market Tavern Shirt
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