Spider Hyphen Man

Uncool at school and majorly moping over the girl next door, Wolfmania’s world is turned upside down when it gets bitten by some radioactive chat. Instantly imbued with a freewheeling chemistry and uncanny comic timing (our jingle sense is tingling!) but touched by tragedy, Wolfman and Timpsy learn that with great gags come even greater laffs.

In an out-of-character 2h 11m of stuttering sincerity, the boys pay humble homage and trembling tribute to Marvel maestro Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, and at least one of them watches Sam Raimi’s swing-o-rilliant first Spider-Man movie all the way to the end.

But that’s not all! (That’s not even nearly all.) Timpsy titillates us and dishes the dirt on the Dater’s Handbook, while Wolfman takes a swing at the twin evils of toxic masculinity and the flu bug.

Plus! Be More Like Robert! Social Shout-Outs! Dingle Debenham-North! Greater Omaha! The Swimming Dead! The Snüffel! Möttley Cerrütti! Sick! Sick! Sick! Wolfmania Late Night! Data's Handbook! Celebrity Pedalpast! The Claudio Clapper! Norway! Dead-Eyed Stuart! Casper Mattress! Spielberg, McCartney and Lee! Stop Going On About The Universal Bloody Ear! Fact Splat! Enchantment Under the Sea! Pep Music! The Leech! Macho Man Randall Savage! And very special musical guests StanBand! The Ramones! And My Glamorous Australian Wife! Is it long? Listen bud. We've got radioactive blood.

Parental warning! This week's show comes with a PG-13 rating. The Dater's Handbook is pretty electric, there's an un-caught eff-bomb about 1h 45m in and someone says 'vagina' while talking about modern art.

Tech Splat! This week's episode is exactly the same length as the 2002 film Spider - Man, and can be played alongside the film as a fancy blu-ray commentary track extra. You know, if you want.